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Level – 1 (Elementary A) is a course for students who already have some basic knowledge of the language. You may have recently completed a beginner course or you may be returning to language learning after a break and need to revise key language before being able to progress further. New language is introduced systematically and at a steady pace, allowing you to increase your knowledge of the language and build your confidence. Listening material is provided across three class. New vocabulary is introduced gradually and there are regular controlled practice activities, allowing you to activate the language in a supported way. There are also freer practice activities where you have the ability to start focusing on your fluency. In the Everyday English sections, useful chunks of language are presented, which students can use in several different social contexts.

Table Of Contents

Week – 1

Unit – 1 (You and me)

The main aim of this first unit is that students get to know each other and the teacher. In addition to this focus on personal information, students also practise greetings and expressions from everyday conversations.

Week – 2

Unit – 2 (A Good Job!)

The themes of this unit are jobs and people’s work routines. These themes lend themselves to the practice of the grammatical aim – the third person singular of the Present Simple. The skills work includes a reading text about an Indian teenager who is also a teacher, and listening and speaking activities to consolidate question and answer forms and the vocabulary of jobs.

Week – 3

Unit – 3 (Work hard, play hard)

This unit builds on the theme of routines from Unit 2 but with the focus on free time and leisure activities. This creates opportunities for both controlled and personalized practice of the main grammatical aim – all other persons (those without the -5!) of the Present Simple. The skills work includes listening and reading tasks on what people do in their free time, and on different weekend routines, and speaking and listening tasks on work-life balance. This provides the opportunity to bring together and revise all persons of the Present Simple.

Week – 4

Unit – 4 (Somewhere to live)

The theme of this unit is places. Students describe their own home, a famous building in their country, and where they live. There is a reading text about the White House, the US President’s home and workplace. This text consolidates the language of the unit and hopefully students will be interested to find out about the place. There is a Vocabulary and Listening section to extend students’ range of adjectives and adverbs.

Week – 5

Unit – 5 (Super me)

Skills and ability are the themes of this unit. These are particularly suitable topics to introduce and practise can/can’t (ability). However, the unit has two main aims in that we also introduce some past tenses for the first time: the past of can (ability) – could, and the Past Simple of the verb to be – was/were. The skills work includes a listening about the artist Picasso and a jigsaw reading about two talented members of the same family. These provide contexts for and practice of the grammar.

Week – 6

Unit – 6 (Life’s ups and downs)

The theme of ‘Life’s ups and downs’ provides the context for the presentation of both regular and irregular forms of the Past Simple. The formation of the question and negative is also introduced briefly as a lead-in to Unit 7, where it is one of the main grammatical aims. The skills work includes a Reading and listening section with a story on what matters in life and a Writing section which focuses on linking words. These also provide further practice of the Past Simple.

What Will I Learn?

  • 4 skills (Speaking, Reading, Writing & Listening)
  • Critical Thinking Skill
  • Study skill
  • Everyday English
  • Grammar & Vocabulary exercise
  • General knowledge
  • Communication skill

Topics for this course

1 Lessons24h

Unit – 1 (You and me)?

The main aim of this first unit is that students get to know each other and the teacher. In addition to this focus on personal information, students also practise greetings and expressions from everyday conversations. 
Section -1 (Hello)
Complete the conversation.

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